Owly: Tiny Tales

Runton, Andy


Top Shelf Productions, Marietta, Georgia. 2008. 172 p.



Imagine my excitement when I saw the new Owly book on our shelves! I can’t keep going on about how much I’m loving juvenile graphic novels right now because I know it has got to get old, but how about one more time for OWLY! (and then once more when the next Jellaby comes out).


So, I should say this isn’t a full, brand new Owly book. It’s a collection of shorter tales. Maybe Runton is just trying to keep his fans sated while he works on his next full length book. Doesn’t matter, because this book is just as adorable as a regular Owly book. Most of the stories are very short, only a few pages, and just tell brief stories about Owly’s daily life. He hangs out with Wormy and visits Raccoon at the Nursery and makes new friends through his activities around the woods. Now, I have been known to say to some people that I think Owly is a little on the weepy side, and there is some crying in this book, too, but I have to give Owly some credit, he doesn’t cry as much in this one. (Sorry Owly).


However, the best part of this collection to me is the back section that shows us how Owly began and how he progressed. It’s really cool to see how Runton started and how different Owly and Wormy look now. It’s also heartening to see how something so simple and ordinary can become a major success.


Tiny Tales, thumbs up!