Pinky & Stinky

Kochalka, James


Top Shelf Productions, Marietta, GA. 2008. 204 p.


I can’t say how proud I am of juvenile graphic novels right now! Jellaby and Owly were stand-outs for me, and really opened my eyes to how great this form of book can be for any age group, but especially elementary and middle school readers who may prefer comic books to novels. It’s a happy medium that is truly happy (and perfect.) Now, I have read some duds, but I’m glad to say Pinky & Stinky stands out. It’s not as good as Jellaby, but it’s definitely a close relative of Owly and is pretty near to being on par with that series.


This adorable and witty book focuses on Pinky and Stinky, two astronaut pigs who are traveling through space. They make a good team, though sometimes it is hard to tell them apart because A) they’re two adorable pigs and B) their personalities are only slightly different. Pinky is slightly sweeter and more sensitive than Stinky is… or maybe that’s vice versa… anyway, I honestly don’t think it even matters who’s who. They’re both brave and moral pigs trying to do their country justice by traveling the solar system. They run into trouble when some human astronauts take offense to pigs bothering their important business. One of the astronauts kicks one of the pigs in delight and says, “Ha ha! Your fat jiggles!” Obviously not a nice guy! So the pigs and the astronauts cross paths later on in a world of moon creatures where they are all seen as enemies and sent away to an ice dungeon. The pigs, being adorable and sweet, are rescued by the alien princess and taken in as her “Cuties” to live on her bed with her stuffed animals (I assume those are stuffed…) The astronauts end up ruffling more feathers and battle ensues. The Cuties are saved and go on to make peace with everyone and continue on their space journey.


It’s a cute and clever book appropriate for kids 8 and up, though I think older people like me can appreciate more of the subtle humor. I don’t know if there will be a sequel or series of Pinky & Stinky books, but I guess one can only hope. They are cute pigs on a mission to warm your cockles, and it’s 100% mission accomplished with me.