Mr. Pusskins: A Love Story and Mr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers: Another Love Story

Lloyd, Sam


Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York. 2006 & 2007. 32 p.


I will say this knowing full well the repercussions this statement could possibly have (and knowing this is why I write this blog fairly anonymously): I am not a cat person. Sigh. There you go. I said it.


It’s not that I don’t like cats or anything. The main reason we don’t mix is that I’m allergic to them. Beyond that, I guess I’m just a dog person. Odd for a library employee, I know, since it seems being a librarian and cat lover are synonymous. But that’s that. Let’s move on.


Mr. Pusskins and the sequel are pretty darn cute. Mr. Pusskins is (you guessed it) a cat. When we first meet him, he’s a rather grumpy cat who doesn’t appreciate the love his owner Emily bestows upon him. She strokes his fur and tries to play games with him, but he is just not having it. So he decides to run off and be a bad cat, hanging with the wrong crowd and leaving Emily worried sick. Of course there’s a happy ending, but it’s a fun journey getting there and teaching kids there’s no place like home.


Mr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers is along the lines of pretty much all classic children’s tales of the old curmudgeon and the sweet little newbie. There’s nothing particularly new here, but Little Whiskers is adorable and I never get tired of seeing little creatures pulling and tugging on bigger, grumpier creatures. But there is a small twist. Little Whisker isn’t quite as sweet as Emily thought she was. She begins tearing up the whole house, and Mr. Pusskins is the one who gets blamed. Both cats end up learning a lesson about truth and friendship, and it’s done in a gentle and fun way for kids to really get in to.


Cat-lover or not, Mr. Pusskins and Little Whiskers are two cute kitties.