Peg Leg Peke

Spangler, Brie


Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 2008. 40 p.


I feel like a girly-girly with nothing important to bring to the table for this review of Peg Leg Peke. This book is so adorable, sweet, cute, darling, and perfectly simple that it reduces me to cooing and other noises more appropriate in regards to a human baby than a picture book about an imaginative Pekingese. Regardless, I am enamored with this debut from Spangler. Peke has broken his leg and is now stuck in a cast, which has needless to say dampened his spirits. However, the narrator points out that Peke’s cast makes him look like a pirate, and that alone is enough to send him off into a world of swashbuckling and sailing. I love how Spangler has broken the book into a conversation between the narrator and Peke because it makes for easy reading for little ones and humorous dialogue for the adults. And I’ll admit, every time Peke says he has a “boo-boo” or yelps “ow!” I make some goofy little “Awwwww” because he’s just so darn cute.


It’s sweet and simple. The way all of life’s pleasures should be.